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Bradford Anderson
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A big week for sure. Today we welcomed our 2nd daughter, Finola Leo Anderson. Juna is thrilled. @vinoyogimama was the MVP. Obviously.

The Dankies 2014

BA/Spinelli won three categories in the final GH ballot and advanced to the all soap ballot. The categories BA/Spinelli won are GH's Outstanding Supporting Actor, Favorite on Screen Couple or Duo with Maxie, and most missed performer. What I find funny is that the the winning GH couple in Spixie and the runner-up couple in Scurbs are not an option to be a couple on GH right now. That says a lot about the couples the RC has created! You can now vote in the final all soap ballot until May 17, 2014.

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Bradford & Brandon

Baby Girl Anderson Project

May is getting closer and closer. Please consider a small donation to help give/show love and comfort in honor of the soon to be newest Anderson member. Please mention Bradford Anderson in memo when donating (if you forget or do not see it, no worries either email Kendra at or let Kathy or myself know) Thank you for all your kind, generous help!